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The Neighbors (TV series)

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2012 September, 26
30 minutes
Comedy / Romance / Sci-Fi

A New Jersey family moves to an affluent gated community composed entirely of extraterrestrials. - IMDb

Alienados Portugal
Naabrid Estonia
Szomszédok az űrből Hungary
Vicini del terzo tipo Italy
¡Vaya vecinos! Spain
Соседи Russia

Children's Cast:

Max Charles [9] Max Weaver (TV Episode: There Goes the Neighbors' Hood) (2012)
Caitlin Carmichael [8] Emma (TV Episode: Halloween-ween) (2012)
Aaron Zachary Philips [10] Bully #3 (TV Episode: Bathroom Etiquette) (2012)
Madison Dae Clarion Alien Kid (TV Episode: The Back Nine) (2013)
Ian Patrick [10] Dick Butkus (TV Episode: There Goes the Neighbors' Hood) (2012)
Elizabeth Tripp Type-A Third Grader (TV Episode: Larry Bird Presents an Oscar-Winning Film by Larry Bird) (2013)
Claire Elizabeth Oldham Country Club Girl (TV Episode: The Back Nine) (2013)
Bailey Estevan School Bus Kid (TV Episode: Larry Bird and the Iron Throne) (2012)
Kyla-Drew [8] Kid #2 (TV Episode: Halloween-ween) (2012)
Sloane Morgan Siegel [13] Country Club Kid (TV Episode: The Back Nine) (2013)
Trent Carlton Bully 2 (TV Episode: Bathroom Etiquette) (2012)
Oliver Bell Nicolas Kemper (TV Episode: The Neighbours) (2013)
Cade Sutton Little Marty (TV Episode: Camping) (2013)
Liam Carroll Kyle (TV Episode: Oscar Party) (2014)
Brandon Severs Benjamin (TV Episode: Uncle Benjamin) (2014)
Grant Venable Kid #5 (TV Episode: Halloween-ween) (2012)
Jessica Belkin [11] Photo Double / Student / Emma (TV Episode: The Gingerbread Man) (2013)
Lolli Sorenson [10] Kid #4 (TV Episode: Halloween-ween) (2012)
Morgan Lambert [13] Trick Or Treater (TV Episode: Halloween-ween) (2012)
Connor Rosen Redhead Kid (TV Episode: The Back Nine) (2013)
Isabella Crovetti Abby Weaver
Marlowe Peyton Tanner (TV Episode: Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems) (2013)
Christian Mooney Bully #1 (TV Episode: Bathroom Etiquette) (2012)
Carter Sand Cute Trick or Treater (TV Episode: Challoweenukah) (2013)
Steven Thomas Capp Soccer Player (TV Episode: The Gingerbread Man) (2013)
A.J. Hudson Freaked Out Kid (TV Episode: Challoweenukah) (2013)