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The Neighbors (TV series)

The Neighbors (USA)

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2012 September, 26
30 minutes
Comedy / Romance / Sci-Fi

A New Jersey family moves to an affluent gated community composed entirely of extraterrestrials. - IMDb

Alienados Portugal
Naabrid Estonia
The Neighbors Japan
The Neighbors Netherlands
The Neighbors Philippines
The Neighbors USA
The Neighbors South Africa
The Neighbors Australia
The Neighbors Canada
The Neighbors Canada
The Neighbors West Germany
The Neighbors France
The Neighbors United Kingdom
The Neighbors India
The Neighbors India
Szomszédok az űrből Hungary
Vaya vecinos Ecuador
Vicini del terzo tipo Italy
¡Vaya vecinos! Spain
Соседи Russia

Children's Cast:

Max Charles [9] Max Weaver (TV Episode: There Goes the Neighbors' Hood) (2012)
Caitlin Carmichael [8] Emma (TV Episode: Halloween-ween) (2012)
Aaron Zachary Philips [10] Bully #3 (TV Episode: Bathroom Etiquette) (2012)
Madison Dae Clarion Alien Kid (TV Episode: The Back Nine) (2013)
Ian Patrick [10] Dick Butkus (TV Episode: There Goes the Neighbors' Hood) (2012)
Elizabeth Tripp Type-A Third Grader (TV Episode: Larry Bird Presents an Oscar-Winning Film by Larry Bird) (2013)
Claire Elizabeth Oldham Country Club Girl (TV Episode: The Back Nine) (2013)
Bailey Estevan School Bus Kid (TV Episode: Larry Bird and the Iron Throne) (2012)
Kyla-Drew [8] Kid #2 (TV Episode: Halloween-ween) (2012)
Sloane Morgan Siegel [13] Country Club Kid (TV Episode: The Back Nine) (2013)
Trent Carlton Bully 2 (TV Episode: Bathroom Etiquette) (2012)
Oliver Bell Nicolas Kemper (TV Episode: The Neighbours) (2013)
Cade Sutton Little Marty (TV Episode: Camping) (2013)
Liam Carroll Kyle (TV Episode: Oscar Party) (2014)
Brandon Severs Benjamin (TV Episode: Uncle Benjamin) (2014)
Grant Venable Kid #5 (TV Episode: Halloween-ween) (2012)
Jessica Belkin [11] Photo Double / Student / Emma (TV Episode: The Gingerbread Man) (2013)
Lolli Sorenson [10] Kid #4 (TV Episode: Halloween-ween) (2012)
Morgan Lambert [13] Trick Or Treater (TV Episode: Halloween-ween) (2012)
Connor Rosen Redhead Kid (TV Episode: The Back Nine) (2013)
Isabella Crovetti Abby Weaver
Marlowe Peyton Tanner (TV Episode: Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems) (2013)
Christian Mooney Bully #1 (TV Episode: Bathroom Etiquette) (2012)
Carter Sand Cute Trick or Treater (TV Episode: Challoweenukah) (2013)
Steven Thomas Capp Soccer Player (TV Episode: The Gingerbread Man) (2013)
A.J. Hudson Freaked Out Kid (TV Episode: Challoweenukah) (2013)