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Ludvig & Julemanden (TV series)

Aka: Людвиг и Санта (Russia)
Director: Tilde Harkamp, Søren Frellesen
Year: 2011
Country: Denmark
Genre: Family

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Ludwig and his family go to "Børglum kloster". In Børglum "stygge krumpen" (who is a ghost) is hunting for Maria's crown. In Greenland Santa clause refuses to be Santa clause this year if he doesn't get his 500 year's celebration. Santa clause's wife refuses to organize the celebration, and then Santa clause goes to Børglum.- But "stygge krumpen" has decided that on the 23rd of December, he will possess Ludwig's father, and turn into a real man - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Thomas Norgreen Nielsen [11] Ludvig Glad (TV Episode: Jul på Børglum) (2011)

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