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Big Town (TV series 1950-1956)

Big Town (USA)
Byline Steve Wilson (USA: reissue title)
City Assignment (USA: reissue title)
Headline (USA: reissue title)
Heart of the City (USA: reissue title)

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1950 October, 5
30 minutes

"Big Town" was a long running and highly successful network radio series (1937- 1952) and film series ("I Cover the Underworld," "Underworld After Dark," and "Underworld Scandal") before becoming a hit television series. Shot in film-noir style, the series focused on the exploits of Steve Wilson and the staff of 'The Illustrated Press' newspaper as they reported on the important social issues of the day. - IMDb

Big Town Ecuador
Big Town USA
Byline Steve Wilson (reissue title) USA
City Assignment (reissue title) USA
Headline (reissue title) USA
Heart of the City (reissue title) USA
I segreti della metropoli Italy

Children's Cast:

Christopher Olsen [8] Billy Long (TV Episode: Thirty Days to Live) (1954)
Bobby Driscoll [17] (TV Episode: Juvenile Crime Pack) (1954)
Sal Mineo [16] (TV Episode: Juvenile Gangs) (1955)
Tina Thompson [6] (TV Episode: Marry My Past) (1952)
Cheryl Callaway [9] (TV Episode: The Sniper) (1955)
Lydia Reed [12] Judy (TV Episode: Hit and Run) (1956)
Tommy Kirk [15] (TV Episode: Adult Delinquents) (1956)
Peter J. Votrian [11] Georgie Donovan (TV Episode: On Their Own) (1953)
Kim Charney [10] Davie Dixon (TV Episode: The Sniper) (1955)
Robert Hyatt [13] (TV Episode: The Brother) (1952)
Sharon McManus [15] Debbie Donovan (TV Episode: On Their Own) (1953)
Harvey Grant [8] Roger (TV Episode: The Stranger) (1954)
David Kasday [13] John Elwood (TV Episode: The School Teacher) (1955)