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A Gifted Man (TV series)

A Gifted Man (United Kingdom)

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2011 September, 23
45 minutes
Drama / Fantasy

Michael Holt is a successful doctor who has a thriving practice. One day he runs into his ex-wife Anna, also a doctor. They spend some time together. He later learns that she died before he meet her. He goes to her memorial and learns she was working in an inner-city clinic, and when he goes there, he can't help but help out. Before long people from the clinic come to see him. He continues to see Anna, who tries to get him to do good. He decides to work at the clinic as well at his practice. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Ursula Parker [9] Simona Albescu (TV Episode: In Case of Co-Dependants) (2012)
Austin Williams [15] Steven Tucker (TV Episode: In Case of Exposure) (2011)
Dario Barosso Kid (TV Episode: In Case of Abnormal Rhythm) (2011)
Fatima Ptacek [12] Pilar Sanchez (TV Episode: In Case of Complications) (2012)
Cameron Ocasio [13] Boy with Ball (TV Episode: In Case of Co-Dependants) (2012)
Sebastian Martinez Ernesto (TV Episode: Pilot) (2011)
Aaron Bantum Paolo (TV Episode: In Case of Discomfort) (2011)
Eric Ruffin Patrice Lambert (TV Episode: In Case of All Hell Breaking Loose) (2011)
Melinda Brooke [15] Girl with dog (TV Episode: In Case of Discomfort) (2011)