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Hallmark Hall of Fame (TV series)

Hallmark Hall of Fame (USA)

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1951 December, 24
Comedy / Drama

Probably the longest-running anthology series on television, the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" has been presenting television dramatizations of famous plays and books, as well as original programs especially written for the series, since 1951. - IMDb

Hallmark Hall of Fame USA
ホールマーク・ホール・オブ・フェイム Japan

Children's Cast:

Barret Oliver [14] Dickon Sowerby (TV Episode: The Secret Garden) (1987)
Patty McCormack [8] (TV Episode: Man Against Pain) (1953)
Dominic Guard [16] Jackie Joyce (TV Episode: The Hands of Cormac Joyce) (1972)
Dominic Scott Kay [12] Young Brad Cohen (TV Episode: Front of the Class) (2008)
Johnny Whitaker [10] Michael (TV Episode: The Littlest Angel) (1969)
Mae Whitman [11] Alanna 'Lani' Thompson (TV Episode: A Season for Miracles) (1999)
Nicholas Hammond [17] Young John (TV Episode: Soldier in Love) (1967)
Lauren Hewett [17] Lara Ritchie (TV Episode: The Echo of Thunder) (1998)
Eliza Dushku [15] Cat (TV Episode: Journey) (1995)
Erin Moran [13] Tracy Schilling (TV Episode: Lisa, Bright and Dark) (1973)
Evan Sabara [7] J.T. Thompson (TV Episode: A Season for Miracles) (1999)
Gennie James [11] Mary Lennox (TV Episode: The Secret Garden) (1987)
Jadrien Steele [13] Colin Craven (TV Episode: The Secret Garden) (1987)
Pamela Franklin [15] Betsy Balcombe (TV Episode: Eagle in a Cage) (1965)
Patsy Kensit [17] Emilie du Cailland (TV Episode: The Corsican Brothers) (1985)
Tracey Gold [14] Alix (TV Episode: Thursday's Child) (1983)
Sal Mineo [13] Les (TV Episode: The Vision of Father Flanagan) (1952)
Jerry O'Connell [13] Carl (TV Episode: The Room Upstairs) (1987)
Sierra Farber [9] Girl on School Bus (TV Episode: A Season for Miracles) (1999)
Max Morrow [17] Rick Morrissey (TV Episode: The Russell Girl) (2008)
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