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Dance Dance

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1987 May, 15
153 minutes
Musical / Romance
Production Company:

Shyam and Sita belong to a song and dance troupe and live a poor lifestyle in Panjim with two small children, Radha and Ramu. They go to Jalpaiguri to perform to get some money, however, Sita's beauty catches the eye of trumpet-playing A.M. Singh, who decides to keep her, and kills the rest of the troupe members in an arranged bus accident. Radha and Ramu become homeless and destitute, they sing and dance on the roadside to make some money. Years later they have grown up and are quite popular. Radha gets married to one of the troupe members, Resham, while Ramu, who is now known as Romeo falls in love with Janita and inducts her in their group. With Radha pregnant, Ramu and Janita decide to perform in Jalpaiguri. A.M. Singh, who is still alive, and has forced Sita to live in the dense forests, now feasts his eye on Janita and plans deviously to to ensnare her all for himself. Then Radha suddenly passes away, and a distraught Ramu, suspecting Resham of killing her, takes to alcohol in a big way, and is unable to perform. This leaves Janita alone to make the trip to Jalpaiguri - which may well could be her very last trip as A.M. Singh is eagerly awaiting her arrival - and has no plans of letting her return soon. - IMDb

Господин Синх, наживший состояние преступным путем, ради своей прихоти убил отца Раму и Ратхи, сломал жизнь их матери. Несчастные дети, оставшиеся сиротами, благодаря трудолюбию и таланту пробились в люди, а Раму стал известным на всю Индию танцором и певцом. Но боль утраты не давала ему покоя. И пришло время — он отомстил негодяю Синху за все несчастья своей семьи.

Танцуй, танцуй Russia

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