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Director: Larry Rivers
Year: 1981
Country: USA
Runtime: 45 minutes
Genre: Documentary

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Larry Rivers spent years periodically filming and videotaping his daughters, Emma and Gwynne, naked or topless as they were growing up. In the film Rivers tells the girls to take off their clothes and then zooms in on their breasts from various angles. He interviews them about how they feel about their breasts and whether boys have started noticing them. He also filmed Gwynne nude in his shower and had her slip topless between the black satin sheets of his bed. A year and a half later, Emma was conscripted, too. In some scenes Clarice Rivers, his wife, appears with her daughters, displaying her own breasts and talking about them. In 1981 Rivers edited the footage into a 45-minute film that he planned to show as part of an exhibition. -

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