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Summerland (TV series 2004-2005)

Immediate Family (USA)
Summerland (USA)

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2004 June, 1
60 minutes

Bradin, Nikki and Derrick are 3 kids from an average normal Kansas household. Their whole life is thrown upside-down when their parents are tragically killed in a car accident. Ava Gregory (their aunt) gets custody of her niece and nephews and they move into her Californian home (in Summerland). Ava, a struggling clothes designer, lives with her best friend and business partner, Susannah Rexford, her friend, an ex- pro.surfer, Jay Robertson and her ex-boyfriend, real estate agent, Johnny Durrant. All four of them are highly unequipped to handle children and are not use to including them in their everyday lives. The series follows each of their struggles through life. Ava is trying to get her fashion line to take off. Whilst also fighting feelings for Johnny, her childhood sweetheart. And now trying to bring up her sisters 3 children up as well as possible. Johnny is forever trying to fight his feelings for Ava, knowing he ruined that relationship long ago. Johnny is the father figure to the children. Jay owns a surf shop, and is trying to win back ex-girlfriend and teenage love, Erica Spaulding. He acts as the cool big brother type to the 3 children and he and Bradin develop a close relationship. Bradin is growing up and finding himself led astray very easily in the teenage world. He drinks, takes drugs and gets arrested, after getting involved with a 'bad-apple' Sara, who he then helps into getting her life back on track. Later he falls in love with Callie- only to get hurt again. He discovers a passion for surfing and becomes very good, whilst falling for his coach, Erica Spaulding. Nikki is at an awkward age of 13 and trying to fit in to the Californian teenage world. She is very bright and enjoys reading books and writing poetry- not the popular shopping and clothes. Early on Nikki meets a boy, Cameron Bale, and they develop a strong relationship, and ultimately, fall in love. Derrick takes to Johnny immediately and the two develop a good friendship. He,in turn, finds his "one soul mate" in a little girl called Martha. The show is basically a fun show of sun, sea and sand mixed with great storyline, emotional inputs and will leave you wanting more. Great cast, excellent chemistry, and beautiful scenery. - IMDb

Ава Грегори ведёт идиллический образ жизни в прекрасном южнокалифорнийском городке Плайя Линда. Она работает дизайнером одежды в одном из крупнейших мировых центров моды, но бросает свою надёжную работу, чтобы достичь мечты: основать собственный брэнд. По утрам она катается на серфинге, живёт с тремя самыми близкими друзьями в симпатичном домике на берегу моря. А потом случается непредвиденное. Её любимая старшая сестра погибает вместе с мужем в родном городе Авы, в Канзасе. Ещё не оправившись от горя, Ава узнаёт, что трое детей её сестры — Брэйден, 16 лет, Никки, 13 лет и 9-летний Деррек — оформлены под её опеку. В результате, весь выводок переезжает в Калифорнию, чтобы жить с Авой и её друзьями. Таким образом, четверо взрослых и трое детей получат уроки любви, жизненных ошибок и их исправлений, будут помогать друг другу в горестях, и вместе будут радоваться успехам. Учась друг у друга, они узнают, как жить одной семьёй.

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Children's Cast:

Kay Panabaker [14] Nikki Westerly (TV Episode: What's Past Is Prologue) (2004)
Zac Efron [17] Cameron Bale (TV Episode: Safe House) (2004)
Abigail Mavity [11] Martha McFarlane (TV Episode: To Thine Self Be True) (2004)
Nick Benson [10] Derrick Westerly (TV Episode: What's Past Is Prologue) (2004)
Sara Paxton [16] Sarah Borden (TV Episode: Into My Life) (2004)
Taylor Lautner [12] Boy on Beach (TV Episode: To Thine Self Be True) (2004)
Tyler Patrick Jones [10] Chris (TV Episode: Pilot) (2004)
Ashley Rose [14] Beach Girl (TV Episode: Pilot) (2004)
Jesse McCartney [17] Bradin Westerly (TV Episode: What's Past Is Prologue) (2004)
Eli Vargas Danny Luna (TV Episode: What's Past Is Prologue) (2005)
Ashley Edner [15] Jordan (TV Episode: Yummy Mummy) (2004)
Taylor Boggan [12] Ethan Tyman (TV Episode: Pick Nik) (2005)
Cole Petersen [12] Chris (TV Episode: Pilot) (2004)
Wil Myer [11] Zach (TV Episode: What's Past Is Prologue) (2004)
June Renee Santiano Student (TV Episode: Sledgehammer) (2005)