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Director: Sandy Collora
Year: 2002
Country: USA

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It is said that when the devil wishes to take a mortal soul, he'll walk the earth in the guise of a child for they are pure of heart. However, he can only inhabit the body of a child for a short time. A young boy has been possessed so as to capture a young, beautiful girl. But God knows of this evil and sends a protector, an unlikely angel to watch over her. The angel has already gotten to her and taken her into hiding. The girl's lover thinks she's been kidnapped, and goes looking for her. The lover literally searches the ends of the earth, the possessed child follows in the hopes that the lover will lead him to his quarry. When the lover and child catch up to the angel and the girl, too much time has passed... - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jonathan Decker Child

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