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Becker (TV series 1998-2004)

Also known as: Beker (Serbia)
Director: Andy Ackerman, Ken Levine, Darryl Bates ... more
Release: 2 Nov 1998
Country: USA
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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Misanthropic Dr. John Becker runs a clinic in New York City. He is assisted by super-capable Margaret Wyborn and less-than-capable Linda, who's only kept on because no one else can stand the doctor. Becker's best (some would say only) friend is the blind Jake Malinak, who runs a newsstand in the diner across the street. The diner used to be run by Reggie Kostas, but it has been taken over by Chris Conner, a lady whom Becker fluctuates between loathing and being attracted to. The diner is also frequented by Robert Benito, who is universally known as Bob and is the super at Becker's apartment (much to the doctor's regret). - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jacob Smith [11] Jared (TV Episode: Elder Hostile) (2001)
Abigail Mavity [9] Abigail (TV Episode: Let's Talk About Sex) (2002)
Cody Arens [8] Boy (TV Episode: Sue You) (2001)
Dyllan Christopher [9] Sean (TV Episode: The Hypocratic Oath) (2000)
Kyla Pratt [13] Keisha (TV Episode: Limits & Boundaries) (1999)
Kyle Massey [11] Kid (TV Episode: The Grand Gesture) (2002)
Sean Marquette [12] Jimmy (TV Episode: The Hypocratic Oath) (2000)
Joey Zimmerman [14] Jeff Andrews (TV Episode: What Indifference a Day Makes) (2000)
Charlie Stewart [9] Charlie (TV Episode: Let's Talk About Sex) (2002)
Robert Bailey Jr. M.J. Johnson (TV Episode: Limits & Boundaries) (1998)
Aaron Fors [14] Gary (TV Episode: The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking) (2003)
Loren Berman [13] Scott (TV Episode: Papa Does Preach) (2002)
Scotty Cox [13] Lenny (TV Episode: Let's Talk About Sex) (2002)

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