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El Sueño del mono loco

The Mad Monkey (Australia)
Twisted Obsession (USA)

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1989 September, 5
101 minutes
Drama / Mystery / Romance


Dan Gillis, an American screenwriter living in Paris, recently abandoned by his wife, and getting used to his new life as a bachelor while trying to take care of his son, Danny - is commissioned to write a script. The offer comes from Legrand, a successful producer with whom he has worked in the past, but on this occasion he is being asked to write an unconventional story with Malcolm, a young and unknown film director. Dan is undecided about the offer, seeing it as far from the kind of work he has grown used to, but Legrands insistence and the intrigue personality of the young director finally convince him to accept the work despite the reticence of Marilyn, his beautiful but disabled agent. As he starts to work, Dan discovers that there is more at stake than just a movie. His life will be changed as he immerses himself in the closed universe of incestuous relations surrounding Malcolm and his beautiful young sister Jenny, with whom Dan soon becomes obsessed. Dans infatuation with Jenny forces him to search for clues about the whole business of the making of this film. In this quest, he discovers that he has been conned and is caught within a web of greed and ambition from which he will be unable to escape. - IMDb

Продюсер Легран предлагает американскому сценаристу Дэну Джиллису написать сценарий для первого фильма молодого режиссера Малколма. Леграна не очень устраивает уровень работы, но познакомившись с юной сестрой Малколма Дженни, он соглашается на работу, еще не представляя в какую паутину зависти и амбиций втягивает его семья Малколма.

Çarpık Saplantı Turkey
Hullun apinan uni Finland
Mad Monkey France
The Mad Monkey Australia
The Mad Monkey Denmark
The Mad Monkey United Kingdom
The Mad Monkey  
The Mad Monkey (theatrical title) South Africa
El Mono loco (short title) Spain
O Macaco Louco Portugal
O Sonho Do Macaco Louco Brazil
Őrült majom Hungary
Podwójna obsesja Poland
Le rêve du singe fou France
La scimmia impazzita Italy
Le singe fou France
El Sueño del mono loco Spain
To oneiro tou trellou pithikou (transliterated title) Greece
Twisted Obsession Canada
Twisted Obsession USA
Το όνειρο του τρελού πιθήκου Greece
Лудата маймуна Bulgaria
Сон безумной обезьяны Soviet Union
禁断のつぼみ Japan
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Children's Cast:

Jerome Natali Danny
Liza Walker [17] Jenny Greene