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Last Man Standing (TV series 2011-2021)

The Last Days of Man (USA: pre-release title)

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2011 October, 11
30 minutes

Mike Baxter is the marketing director for an iconic outdoor sporting goods store. He loves to have adventures while he's traveling for work and, of course, he drives a pick-up truck. While Mike is king of the hill at work, he's the odd man out in a home that is dominated by women -- namely his wife, Vanessa, and their three daughters, 22- year-old Kristin, 17-year-old Mandy and 14-year-old Eve. After being a stay-at-home mom for years, Vanessa recently returned to the workplace and was quickly promoted (much to the dismay of her primarily male co-workers). As a result of Vanessa's increased work load, Mike is pulled into more hands-on parenting than ever before. - IMDb

Apa csak egy van Hungary
The Last Days of Man (pre-release title) USA
Miehen paikka Finland
Ostatni prawdziwy mężczyzna Poland
Poslední chlap Czech Republic
Posledný chlap Slovakia
Posljednja crta obrane Croatia
Um Homem Entre Mulheres Portugal
Uno para todas Spain
L'uomo di casa Italy
До последњег човека Serbia
Останній справжній чоловік Ukraine
Последний настоящий мужчина Russia
Последният мъж на света (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
本物の男 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Uriah Shelton [15] Ben Milbauer (TV Episode: Ding Dong Ditch) (2012)
Zachary Gordon [16] Andrew (TV Episode: Tasers) (2014)
Tye Sheridan [18] Justin
Brandon Killham [15] Dylan (TV Episode: Mother Fracker) (2012)
Kenton Duty [16] Victor Blake (TV Episode: Last Halloween Standing) (2011)
Jet Jurgensmeyer [14] Boyd / Boyd Baxter
Adolfo Alvarez Little Boy (TV Episode: Halloween) (2015)
Kaitlyn Dever [15] Eve Baxter / Eve
Flynn Morrison Boyd Baxter
Logan Kishi Jack (TV Episode: Last Christmas Standing) (2011)

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