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Samurai Jack (TV series 2001-2016)

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2001 August, 10
25 minutes
Animation / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller


In the distant past, a Japanese samurai embarks on a mission to defeat the evil shape-shifting wizard Aku. Before he can complete his task, though, he is catapulted thousands of years into the future. He finds himself in a world where Aku now enjoys complete power over every living thing. Dubbing himself "Jack," he sets out on a new quest--to right the wrongs that have been done by his enemy and to find a way back to his own time so he can destroy the evil for good. - IMDb

Jack o samurai (transliterated title) Greece
Samurai Jakku Japan
Samuraj Jack Poland
Samurajus Džekas Lithuania
Szamuráj Jack Hungary
Võ Sĩ Đạo Jack Vietnam
Самурај Џек Serbia
Самурай Джак (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Самурай Джек Russia
Самурай Джек Ukraine
サムライジャック (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Jonathan Osser [13] Young Samurai Jack (TV Episode: Episode XXXI) (2002)
Josh Peck [15] S Kid / Pig #3 / Alien Kid (TV Episode: Episode XIII) (2001)
Bobby Edner [14] Lil Kid / Tall Kid (TV Episode: Episode XXXI) (2002)
Gary LeRoi Gray [14] A Kid / Pig #2 (TV Episode: Episode XIII) (2001)

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