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Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? (TV series 2002-2004)

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2002 July, 1
30 minutes
Animation / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Production Company:

In the retro-1980's future, robots have become commonplace. Mechanical butlers, electronic plumbers and robo-bartenders are part of everyday life, but Robot Jones is a different kind of machine altogether. He is an experimental prototype designed to interact with humans on a personal level. Though programmed with basic emotions, Robot Jones doesn't quite have a handle on dealing with them and thus, tends to be more overly dramatic and socially awkward than other teenagers. Surrounded by his antiquated and embarrassing robotic family, nerdy friends like "Socks," his crush Shannon and his nemesis Lenny and Denny (the Yogman Twins), Robot Jones conquers the drudgery of the sixth grade where he excels in gym class, runs for class president and dreads open house night at school. - IMDb

Jonas, o Robô Brazil
Šta se desilo sa Robotom Džounsom? Serbia
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?  

Children's Cast:

Mae Whitman [15] Jenny / Melissa (TV Episode: Work Order/The Garage Band) (2003)
Austin Stout [13] Denny (TV Episode: unknown episodes)
Jonathan Osser [13] Tim Baines / Little Kevin (voice)
Jordan Warkol [17] Steve / Jock (TV Episode: Gender/Math Challenge) (2003)
Josh Peck [16] Lenny (TV Episode: Parents/Embarrassment) (2002)
Sam Lerner [11] Mullet Boy / Starwars Kid / Geoffrey / ... (TV Episode: House Party/School Newspaper) (2003)
Kyle Sullivan [14] Socks (TV Episode: Cube Wars/Sickness) (2002)
Myles Jeffrey [12] Cubey (TV Episode: Popularity) (2002)
Gary LeRoi Gray [15] Mitch (TV Episode: PU to P.E./Vacuum Friend) (2002)
Attila Davidhazy Finkman (TV Episode: Jealousy/Scantron Love) (2002)