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Flame and the Beggar Boy

Year: 2000
Country: UK
Runtime: 10 minutes
Genre: Drama / Short

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A heart warming story told by storyteller ( Malcolm Farquar):- A dying beggar boy, Jan Mark (Fergal Street) has ventured from London to the country near the sea in search of something better than a London gutter. He chances upon a retired seafarer (Stanton Drew) who has recently lost his family. The boy is offered shelter in his home but humbly accepts refuge in the stable. The seafarer has Flame (Captain Dougal), his old pony he had many years before, brought back to the farm. Flame and Jan Mark pass the summer in happiness, the only happiness the child has ever known.. Alas, Flame is 32 years old and on one late summer night he passes away.. They bury Flame near the sea. The boy had been happy, but he is grateful as "It was not given to many to be happy". The boy grieves and as the last of summer fades, so too does his strength. One stormy night the seafarer is awakened to the sound of hooves. He looks outside to see Jan Mark climbing onto Flame's back and amid laughter and galloping hooves Flame and Jan Mark vanish towards the sea and neither have ever since been seen. But on some nights the sound of a pony's hooves and the laughter of a small boy can still be heard. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Fergal Street

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