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A.N.T. Farm (TV series 2011-2014)

A.N.T. Farm (United Kingdom)

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2011 May, 6
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family

Chyna Parks, a musical prodigy, gets into a gifted program called Advanced Natural Talents at the local high school. Along with her fellow 'ANTs' she must navigate the halls of a new school of older kids who're not particularly fond of grade-skipping newbies. - IMDb

A.N.T. - Aikaistetut nuoret taiturit Finland
A.N.T. - Akselerert Naturlig Talent Norway
A.N.T. Farm Canada
A.N.T. Farm United Kingdom
A.N.T. Farm Philippines
A.N.T. Farm Netherlands
A.N.T. Farm South Africa
A.N.T. Farm Canada
A.N.T. Farm United Arab Emirates
A.N.T. Farm Singapore
A.N.T. Farm USA
A.N.T. Farm Sweden
A.N.T. Farm Mexico
A.N.T. Farm - Escola de Talentos Portugal
A.N.T. Farm: Accademia Nuovi Talenti Italy
A.N.T. Farm: Escuela de talentos Spain
A.N.T.: Achtung Natur-Talente West Germany
Bobocii isteți Romania
Nadzdolni Poland
Programa de Talentos Brazil
Section Genius France
Yetenek Çiftliği (new title) Turkey
Yetenek Ciftligi Turkmenistan
Zsenipalánták Hungary
Παιδιά Tσακάλια Greece
Высший класс Russia
天才学园 (new title) Taiwan
天才学級アント・ファーム Japan

Children's Cast:

William Brent [17] Neville (TV Episode: EndurANTs) (2012)
Zendaya [16] Sequoia (TV Episode: Creative ConsultANT) (2012)
China Anne McClain [13] Chyna Parks (TV Episode: The New York ExperiANTs) (2011)
Jake Short [14] Fletcher Quimby (TV Episode: The New York ExperiANTs) (2011)
Sierra McCormick [14] Olive Doyle (TV Episode: The New York ExperiANTs) (2011)
Stefanie Scott [15] Lexi Reed (TV Episode: FinANTial Crisis) (2011)
Aedin Mincks [11] Angus Chestnut (TV Episode: The New York ExperiANTs) (2011)
Claire Engler Violet (TV Episode: IdANTity Crisis) (2012)
Jadon Sand Young Gibson (TV Episode: Bad RomANTs) (2011)
Elizabeth Tripp Young Sophie (TV Episode: Bad RomANTs) (2011)
Joey Luthman [16] Teen Zoltan (TV Episode: Past, PresANT, and Future) (2013)
Ella Anderson [7] Hazel (TV Episode: Creative ConsultANT) (2012)
Francesca Capaldi Orphan (TV Episode: SANTa's Little Helpers) (2011)
Emily Robinson [16] Oksana (TV Episode: UnwANTed) (2014)