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New Girl (TV series)

Chicks and Dicks (USA: working title)

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2011 September, 20
30 minutes

When on TV?

6 Feb, 07:35 ProSieben
6 Feb, 08:05 ProSieben
8 Feb, 02:15 ProSieben
8 Feb, 02:35 ProSieben

Jess - a bubbly offbeat teacher who is known to burst into spontaneous song - catches her boyfriend with another woman, and needs a new place to live. She moves into a loft with three single guys she's never met before. Nick is a jaded law-school dropout, who usually just wants to be left alone. Schmidt is an flashy businessman, who believes he is a gift to women. Winston is a former athlete who doesn't know what to do, but really needs to win whatever it is. Can this dysfunctional group handle the "adorkable" new girl? - IMDb

Chicks and Dicks (working title) USA
Jess e os Rapazes Portugal
Jess i chłopaki Poland
Kolme miestä ja tyttö Finland
Naujoke Lithuania
New Girl / ダサかわ女子と三銃士 (Japanese title) Japan
Nova cura Croatia
Nové dievča Slovakia
Új csaj Hungary
Uus tüdruk Estonia
Viata cu Jess Romania
Нова девојка Serbia
Новенька Ukraine
Новенькая Russia
Ново момиче (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
俏妞報到 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Joey King [13] Brianna (TV Episode: Bully) (2012)
Cody Benjamin Lee [17] Oscar (TV Episode: Dance) (2014)
Mason Cook [14] Tommy (TV Episode: Dance) (2014)
Stuart Allan Kid (TV Episode: Tinfinity) (2013)
Trenton Rogers [12] Kid (TV Episode: Injured) (2012)
Andy Scott Harris [13] Groaning Boy (TV Episode: Pilot) (2011)
Aedin Mincks [11] Young Schmidt (TV Episode: Naked) (2011)
Kai Caster Cousin (TV Episode: Chicago) (2013)
Annalise Basso [14] Sarah Shiller (TV Episode: Kids) (2012)
Thomas Barbusca [10] Young Boy (TV Episode: Winston's Birthday) (2013)
William Leon [15] Main Bully (TV Episode: Dance) (2014)
Mary-Charles Jones Wendy (TV Episode: Dance) (2014)
Blake Garrett Rosenthal Elvin (TV Episode: The 23rd) (2011)
Katie Silverman [9] Young Jess (TV Episode: Birthday) (2014)
Matthew Jacob Wayne Young Schmidt (TV Episode: Parents) (2012)
Joey Luthman [14] Student in Flashback (TV Episode: Cece Crashes) (2011)
J.J. Totah Todd (TV Episode: Dance) (2014)
Chloe Noelle [14] Crystal McQuaid (TV Episode: No Girl) (2016)
Maitlyn Pezzo [12] (TV Episode: The 23rd) (2011)
HannaH Eisenmann Young Jess (TV Episode: Clavado En Un Bar) (2014)
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