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Gharibeh Va Meh

Also known as: Stranger and the Fog (World-wide)
Director: Bahram Beizai
Release: 18 Oct 1976
Country: Iran
Runtime: 140 minutes
Genre: Mystery

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Villagers find a wounded man in a boat that has drifted ashore. He knows his name and knows he has been attacked by a group of men, but Ayat cannot recollect his past. He stays in the village and marries a young widow, Ra’na. Though he settles down to a happy life, he cannot get rid of the fear that he is being hunted. One foggy day, a stranger appears by boat, walks about the village and leaves. Ayat does not have long to think about whether the man was among his pursuers, for the next day, five boats appear. He flees with his wife and child, but the men catch up with him. In an ensuing bloody fight, the villagers manage to overcome the five men, but Ayat is wounded. Just as he came, he returns to the sea, and getting into the boat he disappears into the fog.

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