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Valerie (TV series 1986-1991)

The Hogan Family (USA: fourth season title)
Valerie (USA)
Valerie's Family (USA: syndication title)
Valerie's Family: The Hogans (USA: third season title)

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1986 March, 1
30 minutes
Comedy / Family

Valerie Hogan is what you call "super-mom." Valerie's husband, Michael is an airline pilot, so the job of raising their three boys is left mostly to Valerie. There's girl-hungry David, Wille who's always getting into trouble, and brainy Mark. Mark and Wille are fraternal twins. Each week, Valerie encounters different experiences of what it is like to be a mother to three boys. - IMDb

La famiglia Hogan Italy
A Família Hogan Brazil
La familia Hogan (new title) Spain
The Hogan Family (fourth season title) USA
Der Hogan-Clan West Germany
Valerie USA
Valerie Australia
Valerie South Africa
Valerie Spain
Valerie Canada
Valerie Canada
Valerie's Family (syndication title) USA
Valerie's Family: The Hogans (third season title) USA
Вэлери Soviet Union
Вэлери Russia

Children's Cast:

Jodie Sweetin [5] Pamela Poole (TV Episode: Boston Tea Party) (1987)
Scott Curtis [11] Leonard (TV Episode: Whose Team Is It Anyway?) (1987)
Jeremy Licht [15] Mark Hogan (TV Episode: The Best of Friends, Worst of Times) (1986)
Jadrien Steele [12] Max (TV Episode: Leave It to Willie) (1986)
Matthew Brooks [15] Jerry (TV Episode: Prom, Lies and Videotape) (1990)
Jarrett Lennon [9] Benjamin Umstead (TV Episode: Ho, Ho, Hogans) (1991)
Dick Billingsley [11] Bobby (TV Episode: Leave It to Willie) (1986)
Jason Bateman [17] David Hogan (TV Episode: The Best of Friends, Worst of Times) (1986)
David Wagner Jonathan (TV Episode: Happy Anniversary) (1986)
Malachi Pearson [9] Joel (TV Episode: Prom, Lies and Videotape) (1990)
Brandon Bluhm [9] Jerome (TV Episode: Mark and Willie's Day Off) (1988)
Parker Jacobs [12] Nick Avery (TV Episode: Liars and Other Strangers) (1987)
Kristopher Kent Hill [12] Robbie (TV Episode: Educating Rita) (1989)
Andre Gower [15] Steve Traeger (TV Episode: Private Lessons) (1988)
Jamison Newlander [16] Malcolm 'Hyena' (TV Episode: One of the Boys) (1986)
Tiffani Thiessen [16] Brooke (TV Episode: California Dreamin': Part 1) (1990)
Thomas Hobson Randy (TV Episode: Ho, Ho, Hogans) (1991)
Matthew Licht [13] Chubby (TV Episode: Leave It to Willie) (1986)
Tina Hart Denise (TV Episode: Ho, Ho, Hogans) (1991)
Paul McMichael [12] Student (TV Episode: Movin' On) (1987)
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