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Kamichu! (TV series)

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2005 June, 28
28 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Romance
Production Company:

Yurie Hitotsubashi is an average middle school girl. She has a best friend named Mitsue, a clueless crush name Kenji, and the typical middle schooler's troubles. Then one day she becomes a god. Naturally she tells her best friend Mitsue. After this announcement a girl named Matsuri decides to join them and declares herself Yurie's manager (which will help her own family's poor shrine. However, Yurie's new god status has not changed her; she still is a shy young girl waiting for her crush to notice her. Only now she has to grant requests, figure out her powers, and become a dependable god. - IMDb

Kamichu - Az iskolás istennõ Hungary
かみちゅ! (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Megan Taylor Harvey [13] Yurie Hitotsubashi (TV Episode: Horane, haru ga kita) (2005)
Jessica D. Stone [15] Shoukichi Hitosubashi / Chibi Kaze / Tulip (TV Episode: Taiyo no koibito tachi) (2005)