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Director: Vero Cratzborn
Year: 2005
Country: France
Runtime: 10 minutes
Genre: Short / Drama

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Sitting at a table a man and a woman are talking. Their son and daughter are also there and draw something on paper. Now and then one or the other member of the couple will say a very aggressive sentence in a very aggressive tone of voice to the other. But such aggressions are never met with counter aggression or attempt at excuse. Not even the children will give any sign of having heard them. After a silence the conversation will go on in a completely friendly tone. This pattern is repeated many times. Eventually two guards come and fetch the woman, and not until then will the spectator understand that this was a weakly visit to a woman in prison. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Clara Quilichini [8] Little girl
Loïc Navarro Little boy

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