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Boy Meets World (TV series 1993-2000)

Aprendiendo a vivir (USA)
Boy Meets World (United Kingdom)

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1993 September, 24
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family


In this TV series we see the "adventures" and goofs of a young schoolboy named Cory Matthews and his best friend Shawn Hunter. At school, they aren't very popular with girls, and they have enemies like Harley, Joey, and Frankie. They also get often in trouble with Mr. Feeny, the school's funny principal. - IMDb

Aprendiendo a vivir Argentina
Aprendiendo a vivir  
Aprendiendo a vivir Israel
Aprendiendo a vivir Ecuador
Aprendiendo a vivir Thailand
Aprendiendo a vivir Egypt
Aprendiendo a vivir Mexico
Aprendiendo a vivir USA
Boy Meets World Turkey
Boy Meets World Canada
Boy Meets World United Arab Emirates
Boy Meets World Netherlands
Boy Meets World United Kingdom
Boy Meets World Singapore
Boy Meets World Sweden
Boy Meets World Canada
Boy Meets World India
Boy Meets World South Africa
Boy Meets World Philippines
Boy Meets World USA
Boy Meets World India
Boy Meets World Australia
Boy Meets World Indonesia
Chłopiec poznaje świat Poland
Cory si restul lumii Romania
Crescere che fatica Italy
Dječak upoznaje svijet Croatia
Du store verden! (new title) Norway
Et gutteliv Norway
Incorrigible Cory France
Isojen poikien leikit Finland
A Kis gézengúz Hungary
Das Leben und ich West Germany
O Mundo É dos Jovens Brazil
O Rapaz e o Mundo Portugal
De Wereld om de hoek Belgium
Yo y el mundo Spain
Ένα αγόρι γνωρίζει τον κόσμο Greece
Дечак упознаје свет Serbia
Парень познает мир Russia
ボーイ・ミーツ・ワールド Japan
小淘氣看世界 Taiwan
보이 미츠 월드 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Alex D. Linz [8] Ryan (TV Episode: Uncle Daddy) (1997)
Ariana Richards [17] Claire Ferguson (TV Episode: Dangerous Secret) (1996)
Blake Foster [11] Danny (TV Episode: The Pink Flamingo Kid) (1996)
Larisa Oleynik [15] Dana Pruitt (TV Episode: The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter) (1996)
Chauncey Leopardi [12] Nicholas (TV Episode: Pilot) (1993)
Danielle Harris [17] Theresa 'T.K.' Keiner (TV Episode: Sister Theresa) (1994)
Jonathan Jackson [16] Ricky Ferris (TV Episode: Starry Night) (1998)
Jonathan Osser [7] Billy Epperson (TV Episode: Shallow Boy) (1996)
Justin Cooper [9] Ryan (TV Episode: Uncle Daddy) (1997)
Marnette Patterson [14] Allison Cheever (TV Episode: Turnaround) (1994)
Matthew Lawrence [17] Jack Hunter / Wee Hawkin Willie / Actor (TV Episode: Brave New World: Part 2) (1997)
Natanya Ross [13] Ingrid Iverson (TV Episode: Turnaround) (1994)
Shay Astar [14] Mindy Barnett / Paula Kelly (TV Episode: I Am Not a Crook) (1995)
Will Estes [16] Alex / Dylan (TV Episode: Turnaround) (1994)
Jarrett Lennon [16] Howie (TV Episode: Prom-ises, Prom-ises) (1998)
Lindsay Ridgeway [11] Morgan Matthews / Aggressive Actress (TV Episode: A Kiss Is More Than a Kiss) (1996)
Marcus Toji [12] Einstein Kid / Kid #1 (TV Episode: Janitor Dad) (1996)
E.J. De la Pena Herman Stecchino (TV Episode: Turkey Day) (1996)
Cole Evan Weiss [7] Day Player (TV Episode: The Happiest Show on Earth) (1996)
Stephanie Patton [5] Toddler (TV Episode: Starry Night) (1998)
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