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Katina lyubov

Kathy's Love (World-wide)

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61 minutes

A teacher (Kathy) is in love with a successful good-looking man (Pasha) whose ex-wife (Marina) comes to threaten Kathy causing her all sorts of troubles. Pasha looks at all those goings-on with his lover rather cynically. After meeting with Christian missionaries and seeing her close friend, Kathy is urged to break up with Pasha, even though her heart is still warming up to him. She feels lonely and miserable, and decides to get in touch with Marina. Both being lonely hearts in pursuit of love and happiness, Kathy and Marina become real buddies over the evening. Marina dresses Kathy up in a sexy outfit to take her out. At the time Pasha shows up there with a bunch of flowers and gives it to his wife. Kathy is left all alone by the door of her apartment. - IMDb

Это яркая история жизни и любви девушки Кати. Предательство отца в юности сломало ей жизнь. Очутившись в западне, без сил и возможности что-либо изменить, Катя научилась сопротивляться. Она всем и себе доказала, что смелость города берет, а вера и верность - самое надежное оружие. Пройдя через ряд невероятных испытаний, она победила коварных врагов и отвоевала свое право быть счастливой в окружении самых родных и близких людей: любимого мужчины и дочери.

Kathy's Love (World-wide)  
Катина любовь Russia

Children's Cast:

Ruslan Shchedrin [11] Tyoma
Dariya Slavutskaya [10]
Arseniy Yubko [9] Andrei
Angelina Korshunova Marina as child
Ivan Shmakov [7] Vasya as child
Vladlen Kosyanov [12] Yuri
Polina Tarasova [11] homeless girl
Dima Polunin [6] Igor
Alesya Guzko [8] Anechka
Elizaveta Zarubina [5] Lyuba as child

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