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Smertens børn

Aka: Children of Agony (World-wide)
Director: Christian Braad Thomsen
Year: 1977
Country: Denmark
Runtime: 92 minutes
Genre: Fantasy

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Two children, Kay (Nicholas Brüel) and Gerda (Tania Fox) are characters from the fairy tale The Snow Queen. Their lives are controlled by the elderly author Hans Christian Anderson. Their fairy tale lives are soon thrown into turmoil when they discover the old man slumped at his desk, dead. They are now confronted with the challenge of living all alone in the real world without the guidance of their creator. Within no time life changes for the pair when Gerda wanders off with a random stranger who catches her eye. By the time she realises her mistake Kay is nowhere to be found. In her quest to find Kay she comes across ten adults from the real world who find Greda very easy to share their innermost secrets with. She hears of unhappy childhoods and bad experiences - things they would prefer to forget. Gerda helps some of them realise that their problems won't necessarily be solved by forgetting, but rather by remembering them. Gerda soon discovers that real life is no fairy tale.

Children's Cast:

Nicolai Brüel Kaj
Tania Fox Gerda

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