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The Bill (TV series)

The Bill (United Kingdom)

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1984 October, 16
United Kingdom
50 minutes
Crime / Drama
Production Company:


Uniform officers and detectives from Sun Hill police station enforce law and order on a day to day basis. A policeman's job is much more than just catching criminals; in order to survive each day they must deal with frustrating members of the public, and often their own colleagues. From petty thieves to violent drug dealers, life is never easy for the members of the Metropolitan Police Force. - IMDb

The Bill United Kingdom
The Bill Canada
The Bill Canada
The Bill West Germany
The Bill South Africa
The Bill Australia
The Bill Philippines
The Bill Ecuador
The Bill Netherlands
The Bill USA
The Bill Poland
The Bill Singapore
Lov og uorden Denmark
Metropolitan Police Italy
Policía de barrio Spain
Чисто английское убийство Russia
Чисто английское убийство Soviet Union
ザ・ビル Japan

Children's Cast:

Brooke Kinsella [15] Liz Chambers / Nikki / Mel Dyson (TV Episode: Girl Power) (1998)
Amber Beattie [15] Lily Davis (TV Episode: The Deadly Game) (2008)
Billie Cook [12] Lonnie Barnes (TV Episode: 359: A Mean Game - Part 2) (2005)
Billy Seymour Tom Gardener / Billy Walton / Bill Gadd / ... (TV Episode: Driven to Kill) (2002)
Bradley Hall [17] Noel Dwyer (TV Episode: One Day, But Not Today) (2008)
Daniel Newman [17] Tommy Newsome / David Leigh / Shane Bailey / ... (TV Episode: Left Behind) (1993)
Danny Turner [10] Tommy / Mark Lowe (TV Episode: Pond Life) (1999)
Heather Cameron-McLintock [13] Kelly Harrison (TV Episode: 308: A Lack of Control - Part 1) (2005)
Honeysuckle Weeks [16] Julie Nowak / Deborah White / Lucy Dean (TV Episode: Deadline) (1995)
James Daley [15] Tom Moylan (TV Episode: Home Help) (1996)
Jessica Fox [17] Rachel Monroe (TV Episode: When the Bough Breaks) (2000)
Joe Prospero [14] Vincent Brown (TV Episode: 008: Golden Opportunity) (2002)
Josh Maguire [5] Micky / Oliver / Agron Berisha (TV Episode: Cold Turkey: Part 1) (1991)
Karen Salt Kelly Murphy / Angela Brigson (TV Episode: Fashion Victims) (1994)
Keira Knightley [10] Sheena Rose (TV Episode: Swan Song) (1995)
Nicholas Hoult [11] Hugh Austin (TV Episode: The Squad) (2000)
Nicola Stapleton [17] Tina Pope / Louise Gates / Julie Barnes / ... (TV Episode: Who Dares Wins) (1991)
Sean Maguire [17] Darren Hancock (TV Episode: A Better Life) (1993)
Simon Fenton [15] Joey Bradshaw / Micky Wallace / Terry Elkins / ... (TV Episode: 056) (1991)
Greg Sheffield Gareth Jessop (TV Episode: 414) (2006)
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