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The Perfect Wife (TV)

The Perfect Wife (USA)

My Rating: /10
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2001 February, 21
90 minutes
Drama / Thriller
$ 1 100 000


Leah has been like a mother to her brother Ruben. One day Ruben was out biking when he was struck by an inebriated motorist. Later a doctor comes across them and helps them. He first checks out Ruben and tells him not to move then goes to check on the driver. But Ruben starts to move and stand up and his condition worsens and he dies. When Leah learns of this, she goes into a rage and decides to go after everyone who is responsible for her brother's death. She begins with the driver; she goes to the hospital and turns off the life support machine. She then follows the doctor to where he lives and changes her name to Liz and manages to get him to marry her. She then begins her plan by killing his office manager and taking over. She then alters patients medications and when they begin to die the doctor is blamed. Things were going well until the driver whom she thought died shows and blackmails her. And the doctor's former wife is suspicious of her. - IMDb

La esposa perfecta Spain
Mariage mortel France
Una moglie perfetta Italy
O sotie perfecta Romania
The Perfect Wife Canada
The Perfect Wife USA
A Tökéletes feleség Hungary
Żona doskonała Poland

Children's Cast:

Chase Ellison [7] Ruben Tyman (age 5)
Jacqueline Steiger [14] Leah Tyman (age 8)