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Dharma & Greg (TV series 1997-2002)

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1997 September, 24
30 minutes
Comedy / Romance

There could hardly be an odder match, but love knows no reason- assistant DA Greg Montgomery, the golden spoon son of successful businessman Edward Montgomery and his bossy spouse Kitty, the queen of socialite snob-ism, falls madly in love with the utterly unconventional free spirit Dharma Finkelstein, truly the daughter of hippie couple Larry Finkelstein and Abby O'Neil, who never fail to go against whatever even smells like convention. Even if they can't break the couple up, both in-law families -who never agree on anything else- never cease to stir as much as they are shocked by these incompatible lifestyles. Neither do the best friends help, Greg's lazy and incompetent, parasitic 'colleague' Pete Cavanaugh and Dharma's even more bizarre, bossy Jane, between which two another improbable hate-love chemistry develops. - IMDb

Dâma ando gureggu (short title) Japan
Darma i Greg Serbia
Dharma e Greg Brazil
Dharma és Greg, avagy kettőn áll a vásár Hungary
Dharma et Greg (dubbed version) France
Dharma i Greg Croatia
Dharma i Greg Poland
Dharma ja Greg Estonia
Dharma y Greg Spain
Ola tou gamou dyskola (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Et umage par Denmark
Дарма и Грег (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Дарма и Грег Russia

Children's Cast:

Devon Alan [10] Taylor (TV Episode: Kitty Dearest) (2001)
Jacqueline Steiger [13] Tiffany (TV Episode: Fairway to Heaven) (1999)
Grady Hutt [16] Kyle (TV Episode: Used Karma) (2001)

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