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Dennis the Menace Strikes Again! (Video)

Dennis 2: Dennis Strikes Again! (UK)
Dennis the Menace 2 (USA: working title)

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1998 July, 14
75 minutes
Family / Comedy


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Hey, Mr. Wilson! It's another Dennis the Menace movie! The day starts out fine, it's Mr. Wilson's birthday and guess who shows up uninvited? Dennis and a few of his bug friends. After getting a cake in the face and falling down the stairs in a wagon, Mr. Wilson wishes Dennis had another old man to bother. His prayers are answered when Dennis' grandfather comes over announcing he's gonna move in! So one again all is fine until Mr. Wilson finds out he's getting old and Grandpa can do everything better than Mr. Wilson. One day at an amusement park, Mr. Wilson meets The Professor and his assistant Sylvester who claim to be specialists in making people younger--for a price. It's a scam but Mr. Wilson is to naive to know. Well the first few attempts at decreasing Mr. Wilson's age fail, thanks to Dennis. Mr. Wilson tries to do things better than Grandpa when he follows them to the swimming pool but he fails. But it's young Dennis who catches the swindlers at their own game when Wilson wants to sell his house and Professor and Sylvester show up disguised as plumbers, electricians, realty men, exterminators, and what-have-you and make large holes in Mr. Wilson's house--not to mention his check book, but it's Dennis to the rescue and everyone is happy. Sometime later, Grandpa takes Dennis to the Grand Canyon in Grandpa's motor home. The mistake: The motorhome is parked awful close to the canyon and it's wheels are stopped with a rock, which Dennis collects while rock hunting. Back at home, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson watch Grandpa getting rescued from the Grand Canyon and Mr. Wilson proclaims, "He's a menace!" - IMDb

Деннис снова мучает своего любимого соседа мистера Уилсона. Он преподнес ему сюрприз на день рождения - жабу в ванну, где тот купался. На самом деле Деннис любит свою жертву, ничего плохого Уилсону не желает - просто так выходит у озорного мальчика. К нему приезжает дедушка (Кеннеди), сумевший на какое-то время взять огонь на себя. А в конце фильма Деннис даже спасает мистера Уилсона от мошенников, обещавших этого старика омолодить.

Afacan Dennis Geri Döndü (Turkish title) Turkey
Daniel el travieso ataca de nuevo Spain
Daniel, el travieso - Sálvese quien pueda Argentina
Denis la malice sème la panique France
Dennis - Widerstand zwecklos Germany
Dennis 2: Dennis Strikes Again! UK
Dennis colpisce ancora Italy
Dennis o Pimentinha Ataca Novamente Portugal
Dennis pericol public 2 Romania
Dennis slår till igen Sweden
Dennis the Menace 2 (working title) USA
Dennis, a komisz ismét pimasz Hungary
Dennis, o Pimentinha Ataca Novamente Brazil
Jern-Henrik slår til igen Denmark
Nuhtlus nimega Dennis 2 Estonia
O Dennis o tromeros xanahtypa (transliterated title) Greece
La petite peste 2 (French title) Canada
Ville Vallaton 2 Finland
Ville Vallaton iskee jälleen (video box title) Finland
Ο Dennis ο τρομερός ξαναχτυπά Greece
Денис Белята атакува отново (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Денис Белята отново атакува (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Денніс-мучитель 2 Ukraine
Деннис-мучитель наносит новый удар! Russia
Дэннис-мучитель 2 Russia

Children's Cast:

Alexa PenaVega [9] Gina
Danny Turner [8] Joey
Jacqueline Steiger [11] Margaret
Justin Cooper [9] Dennis Mitchell
Keith Reece Gunther
Brooke Candy [9] Girl At Diving Board

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