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Millennium (TV series 1996-1999)

2000 (USA)
Millennium (United Kingdom)
MillenniuM (USA: alternative spelling)
Millennium (Australia)

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1996 October, 25
45 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery / Horror / Thriller


A former FBI profiler moves his family from Washington DC to Seattle, where he joins the Millennium Group, a mysterious organization of former law enforcement officers, committed to battling a crime wave which grows as the turn of the millennium approaches. - IMDb

2000 USA
Milénium Czechoslovakia
Milénium Slovakia
Millennium Spain
Millennium France
Millennium United Kingdom
Millennium Greece
Millennium Hungary
Millennium India
Millennium Italy
Millennium South Korea
Millennium Mexico
Millennium Netherlands
Millennium United Arab Emirates
Millennium Philippines
Millennium Poland
Millennium Romania
Millennium Sweden
Millennium Thailand
Millennium USA
Millennium South Africa
Millennium Argentina
MillenniuM (alternative spelling) USA
Millennium Australia
Millennium Brazil
Millennium Canada
Millennium Canada
Millennium (short title) West Germany
Millennium Ecuador
Millennium: Fürchte deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst West Germany
Organizacja śmierci Poland
Tūkstantmetis Lithuania
Міленіум Ukraine
Миленијум Serbia
Тысячелетие Russia
ミレニアム Japan

Children's Cast:

Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson [10] Little Girl (TV Episode: Borrowed Time) (1999)
Brendan Fletcher [17] Alex Hanes (TV Episode: Anamnesis) (1998)
Colleen Rennison [10] Jessica Cayce (TV Episode: 19:19) (1997)
Kaitlyn Burke [8] Alicia / Girl in the Store (TV Episode: Omerta) (1998)
Lachlan Murdoch [11] Hobo (TV Episode: The Curse of Frank Black) (1997)
Andrew Francis [14] Frank's Brother (TV Episode: Seven and One) (1999)
Brittany Tiplady [5] Jordan Black (TV Episode: Goodbye to All That) (1996)
Connor Widdows [7] Calvin Scranton (TV Episode: Saturn Dreaming of Mercury) (1999)
Andrea Libman [13] Girl at botanical garden (TV Episode: Loin Like a Hunting Flame) (1997)
Christopher Gray Buddy (TV Episode: Anamnesis) (1998)
Dillon Moen [6] Lucas Sheldon (TV Episode: Saturn Dreaming of Mercury) (1999)
Tyler Thompson William Garry Jr. (TV Episode: Covenant) (1997)
Shayn Solberg [13] Boy at Frank Black's house (TV Episode: The Curse of Frank Black) (1997)
Justin Wong [17] Danny (TV Episode: The Mikado) (1998)
Jeff Gulka [10] Boy in the Bus (TV Episode: 19:19) (1997)
Micah Gardener [16] Brandon (TV Episode: The Mikado) (1998)
Eryn Collins [16] Shelley Larrabure (TV Episode: Anamnesis) (1998)
Taylor Anne Reid [6] Girl in the Bus (TV Episode: 19:19) (1997)
Genele Templeton [16] Clare McKenna (TV Episode: Anamnesis) (1998)