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Four Little Shaolin Kongfu Stars


Director: Razor
Year: 2009
Country: China
Runtime: 95 minutes
Genre: Action

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Miao, Bing, Qiang and Hao are the four new students who have just enrolled into Shaolin Kong Fu School. Miao is a girl. In her opinions, girls can be as capable as boys. That s why she comes to learn kung fu. Bing, a five-year-old boy, is the youngest among the four. He is crazy about kung fu film and dreams to be a kung fu star. Hao is an eight-year-old fat boy who is from a rich family and spoiled. His parents send him to the kung fu school for they think that he should temper his will in difficult circumstances. Coming from a very poor family in rural area, Qiang bears the burden of his family at a very young age, which makes him more mature. Four kids begin to live a new life after they enter Shaolinxiongfeng Kung Fu School. One morning, the idea of plum blossom head stakes comes to them when they see the monks of Shaolin Temple practicing kung fu accidentally. They begin to practice assiduously. Hao is afraid of losing, so he makes a deal with the rival in secret...

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