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L'uomo, la donna e la bestia - Spell (Dolce mattatoio)

Man, Woman and Beast (USA)

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1977 May, 20
100 minutes
Production Company:

The film takes place in a humble Italian Catholic village where everyone is acquainted with each other but no one truly knows about the secret lives that they all live. The entire community is preparing for the annual religious festival. There's the local butcher who covets the town's young teenagers and then goes into the freezer and makes love to hanging beef carcasses. The teenage daughter who has sex with her father and becomes pregnant at her grandfather's funeral. The communist drunkard who beats and rapes his wife. She lives through her dreams and fantasies or she'll go crazy. The Christ-like stranger who does not have a name. The women fantasize about him. The children all adore him but he does not belong to the village. He always seems to be at the right place at the right time. And there's a bizarre artist who clips out pictures of internal organs from medical journals and pastes them on magazine models with a completely insane wife who never speaks. She drinks water from out of the commode and defecates on a bleeding, dying man during wild unbridled sex with him as the artist husband watches. All of these life choices are going on while keeping up appearances for the Catholic Church. - IMDb

Местный праздник в небольшой деревушке становится для его жителей поводом дать выход своим потаённым и необузданным страстям. Все участвуют в грандиозной оргии: коммунист совокупляется со своей сумасшедшей женой, женатый крестьянин с неудовлетворённой женщиной, проститутка с представителем власти, отец, состоящий в кровосмесительной связи со своей дочерью, владелец мясного магазина с окровавленной тушей. И тут неизвестно откуда взявшийся бродяга…

Man, Woman and Beast USA
Spell (Dolce mattatoio) (working title) Italy
L'uomo, la donna e la bestia (informal short title) Italy
Мужчина, женщина и зверь Russia

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