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Odongo an Adventure of the African Frontier (USA: alternative title)

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United Kingdom
85 minutes
Adventure / Drama
Production Company:

Pamela Muir is a lovely veterinarian, who thinks the animals should run free. Steve Stratton is a hunter, who hires natives to assist with the capture and care of the animals. One day Stratton fires one of the locals. To get revenge, the former employee frees the animals just before a wealthy buyer is to arrive. Unfortunately, Stratton blames Odongo, an innocent young boy, for the crime. Heretofore, Odongo believed Stratton cared for him. The distraught Odongo runs off into the dangerous wilds. Muir and Stratton are forced to put aside their differences and search for him. - IMDb

Odongo an Adventure of the African Frontier (alternative title) USA
Odongo, Afrikas søn Denmark
Odongo, to paidi tis zouglas (transliterated title) Greece
Odongo, viidakon poika Finland
Одонго Russia
オドンゴ (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Juma [13] Odongo
Michael Caridia [15] Lester Watford