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Hey Arnold! (TV series 1996-2004)

Hey Arnold! (USA)
Hey, Arnold! (USA: alternative spelling)

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1996 September, 9
15 minutes
Animation / Comedy / Drama / Family


The adventures of a daydreaming, jazz-loving, football-headed 9-year-old, who lives in a boarding house with his grandparents and some eccentric boarders; encounters life in the city with his best friend Gerald, a loofah-haired kid who is the keeper of the urban tales and coolest kid in class; and is tormented by Helga, who loves him secretly. - IMDb

Arnold (transliterated title) Greece
Arnoldovy patálie Czechoslovakia
Ei Arnold! Brazil
Hé Arnold! (dubbed version) France
Hé, Arnold! Hungary
Hej Arnold! Poland
Hej, Arnolde! Serbia
Hey Arnold! United Arab Emirates
Hey Arnold! Ecuador
Hey Arnold! USA
Hey Arnold! West Germany
Hey Arnold! Canada
Hey Arnold! Brazil
Hey Arnold! Canada
Hey Arnold! Indonesia
Hey Arnold! Netherlands
Hey Arnold! Philippines
Hey Arnold! India
Hey Arnold! South Korea
Hey Arnold! Australia
Hey Arnold! Belgium
Hey Arnold! South Africa
Hey Arnold! United Kingdom
Hey Arnold! Singapore
Hey, Arnold! Turkey
Hey, Arnold! Italy
Hey, Arnold! (alternative spelling) USA
Oye Arnold! Peru
Oye Arnold! Argentina
¡Oye Arnold! Mexico
¡Oye, Arnold! Spain
Гей, Арнольде! Ukraine
Эй, Арнольд! Russia
ヘイ・アーノルド! Japan

Children's Cast:

Haley Joel Osment [11] Curly Gammelthorpe (TV Episode: It Girl/Deconstructing Arnold) (1999)
Alex D. Linz [13] Arnold (TV Episode: April Fool's Day) (2002)
Miko Hughes [16] Alan Redmond (TV Episode: Harold vs. Patty/Rich Guy) (2002)
Blake McIver Ewing [16] Eugene Horowitz (TV Episode: Stuck in a Tree/Rhonda Goes Broke) (2001)
Cameron Van Hoy [14] 'Big' Gino (TV Episode: Big Gino/Jamie O in Love) (1999)
Grant Hoover [14] Arnie (TV Episode: Weird Cousin/Baby Oskar) (1999)
Jer Adrianne Lelliott [16] Eugene Follower Kid (TV Episode: Eugene Goes Bad/What's Opera, Arnold?) (1998)
Jeremy Suarez [12] Scared Boy (TV Episode: The Journal) (2002)
Jordan Warkol [11] Chocolate Boy / Jamie (TV Episode: Eugene's Birthday/Stinky's Pumpkin) (1997)
Joseph Ashton [12] Iggy (TV Episode: Arnold Betrays Iggy/Helga and the Nanny) (1998)
Kyle Gibson [16] Gino's Assistants (TV Episode: Big Gino/Jamie O in Love) (1999)
Lacey Chabert [15] Ruth P. McDougal (TV Episode: Arnold's Valentine) (1997)
Phillip Van Dyke [13] Arnold / Ludwig / Sandy / ... (TV Episode: Summer Love) (1997)
Steven Hartman [13] Curly Gammelthorpe (TV Episode: Downtown as Fruits/Eugene's Bike) (1996)
Jarrett Lennon [14] Eugene Horowitz / Eugene Horrwitz (TV Episode: False Alarm/World Records) (1996)
Marcus Toji [12] Park / 3rd Grade Kid / Iggy (TV Episode: Arnold's Hat/Stoop Kid) (1996)
Hari Oziol Kid At Fair (TV Episode: Dangerous Lumber/Mr. Hyunh Goes Country) (1998)
Ashley Tesoro [14] Older Girl on Bus (TV Episode: Eating Contest/Rhonda's Glasses) (1997)
Christopher Castile [16] Eugene Horowitz (TV Episode: Runaway Float/Partners) (1996)
Anndi McAfee [17] Phoebe Heyerdahl / Pet Shop Girl / Betty / ... (TV Episode: Phoebe's Little Problem/Grandpa's Packard) (1996)
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