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Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV series 1990-2000)


Aka: Class of Beverly Hills (USA: teaser title)
Director: Daniel Attias, Chip Chalmers, Jason Priestley ... more
Year: 1990
Country: USA
Runtime: 44 minutes
Genre: Drama / Romance

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Originally based around the lives of a group of high school students living in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, then later moving on to their college days as they got older. The kids become friends and enemies, fall in and out of love, and go through an endless series of crises as this small group somehow becomes personally involved in every newsworthy social issue from alcoholism to South African apartheid to pregnancy to AIDS. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Blake Foster [8] Kevin (TV Episode: Midlife... Now What?) (1993)
Jessica Alba [17] Leanne (TV Episode: Making Amends) (1998)
Miko Hughes [5] Young Chuckie (TV Episode: Chuckie's Back) (1991)
Sam Saletta [13] Joey Evers (TV Episode: A Ripe Young Age) (1997)
Scott Terra [12] Peter Foley (TV Episode: I Wanna Reach Right Out and Grab Ya) (1999)
Ashley Tisdale [15] Nicole Loomis (TV Episode: Fertile Ground) (2000)
Bradley Pierce [9] Drew (TV Episode: Halloween) (1991)
Cory Buck [8] Little Boy (TV Episode: Fearless) (1996)
Courtney Barilla Amy Scanlon (TV Episode: A Presumption of Innocence) (1992)
Douglas Emerson [16] Scott Scanlon (TV Episode: The Next Fifty Years) (1990)
Jeremy Suarez [9] Ryan (TV Episode: Local Hero) (1999)
Noley Thornton [10] Erica McKay / Erica Steele (TV Episode: Truth and Consequences) (1993)
Ross Malinger [6] Elliott Brody (TV Episode: The First Time) (1990)
Brittney Lee Harvey [10] June Gunderson (TV Episode: The Easter Bunny) (2000)
Marcus Toji [8] Kid #3 (TV Episode: It's a Totally Happening Life) (1992)
Brian Austin Green [17] David Silver / Young John Martin Sr. / Seth Brown (TV Episode: The Penultimate) (1990)
Nicholle Tom [14] Sue Scanlon (TV Episode: Song of Myself) (1992)
Chris Marquette [12] Alex (TV Episode: Fearless) (1996)
Giuseppe Andrews [15] Cowboy (TV Episode: Things That Go Bang in the Night) (1994)
Mercedes Kastner [8] Erin Silver (TV Episode: Ode to Joy) (1997)
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