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Street Legal (TV series 1987-1994)

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1987 January, 6
50 minutes

The professional and private lives of a group of young, aggressive attorneys in partnership together in Toronto. - IMDb

Los abogados Spain
Die Waffen des Gesetzes West Germany
Лабиринт правосудия Russia

Children's Cast:

Kevin Zegers [8] Jeremy Morris (TV Episode: It's a Wise Child) (1992)
Asia Vieira [8] Kim Davis (TV Episode: The Price) (1990)
Nathaniel Moreau [16] Martin Ready (TV Episode: The Morning After) (1994)
Keram Malicki-Sánchez [14] Tom Prouse (TV Episode: The Homecoming) (1988)
Andrew Sardella [9] Ben Larkin (TV Episode: Crossroads) (1993)
Marc Marut Luke McLeod (TV Episode: But Not Forgotten) (1993)
Amos Crawley [12] Sam McLeod (TV Episode: But Not Forgotten) (1993)
Daniel DeSanto [11] Paley Children (TV Episode: Too Many Cooks) (1991)
Gil Filar [7] Jason (TV Episode: The Cost of Love) (1993)
Laura Bertram [15] Karen Brandis (TV Episode: What's Love Got to Do with It?) (1993)
Tyler Labine [13] Aaron Wineberg (TV Episode: Eye of the Beholder) (1991)
Lance Paton Adam Tchobanian (TV Episode: Standard of Care) (1990)
J.J. Stocker Ian Morgan (TV Episode: Equal Partners) (1988)

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