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Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (TV series 1993-1997)

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (United Kingdom)

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1993 January, 27
60 minutes
Action / Crime / Drama / Fantasy
Production Company:

Kwai Chang Caine was a priest at a Shaolin temple, where his son Peter also lived and studied. The temple was destroyed and father and son each thought the other had perished in the fire. For many years, Kwai Chang 'walked the earth,' while Peter became a big-city cop. Finally, they are reunited and now together they battle evil, using wisdom, martial arts, and occasionally even Peter's service pistol (only as a last resort). - IMDb

Kung Fu - Im Zeichen des Drachen West Germany
Kung Fu - La leggenda Italy
Kung Fu - Legenda continuă Romania
Kung fu, la légende continue France
Kung fu: A legenda folytatódik Hungary
Kung Fu: A Lenda Continua Brazil
Kung fu: La leyenda continúa Venezuela
Kung fu: La leyenda continúa Argentina
Kung Fu: la leyenda continúa Spain
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Canada
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Canada
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Israel
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues South Africa
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Singapore
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues United Kingdom
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Netherlands
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues USA
Legendy kung fu Poland
Кунг-фу: Возрождение легенды Russia

Children's Cast:

Daniel Lee Young Jian (TV Episode: Warlord) (1994)
Nathaniel Moreau [15] Young Peter Caine (TV Episode: Kung Fu Blues) (1993)
Charlotte Sullivan [13] Linda (TV Episode: A Shaolin Christmas) (1996)
Andrew Sardella [12] Tommy (TV Episode: Circle of Light) (1996)
Michael Rubinoff [17] Mickey (TV Episode: Secret Place) (1993)
Noah Godfrey Chuckie (TV Episode: Rain's Only Friend) (1993)
Ryan Gosling [16] Kevin (TV Episode: Dragon's Lair) (1996)
Cody Jones [10] Matthew (TV Episode: Gunfighters) (1995)
John White [14] Ricki Nillson (TV Episode: Goodbye Mr. Caine) (1995)
Robert Bednarski Young Peter (TV Episode: May I Talk with You) (1996)
Renessa Blitz Ziela (TV Episode: Disciple) (1993)
Miklos Perlus [16] Greg Crawford (TV Episode: Secret Place) (1993)
Dominic Zamprogna [15] Matt (TV Episode: May I Ride with You) (1994)
Laura Bertram [15] Young Valerie (TV Episode: Reunion) (1993)
Heather Brown [13] Laurie Richmond (TV Episode: Laurie's Friend) (1994)
Christopher Redman [14] Sam Lowry (TV Episode: Temple) (1994)
Ashley Brown Leon (TV Episode: A Shaolin Christmas) (1996)
Daniel Goodfellow Young Caine (TV Episode: The Return of Sing Ling) (1995)
Alicia Panetta Sandra (TV Episode: The Innocent) (1994)
Jennie Lévesque Mitch (TV Episode: Demons) (1995)
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