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Am Pier von Apolonovka

Aka: The Pier of Apolonovka (World-wide)
Director: Andrej Schwartz
Year: 2008
Country: Germany
Runtime: 86 minutes
Genre: Documentary

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During the sweltering Black Sea summer, the concrete shores of Sebastopol's Apolonovka district become the neighborhood's hot spot where teens flirt, show off and frolic in the water. At dawn, adept retirees nostalgic for the glory days of the Soviet Union take over. But, less than twenty years ago, Sebastopol, the region's largest port of the Black Sea fleet, was a garrison city closed to tourists. Today, shipwrecks, mines, and torpedoes - the detritus of a stormy past, litter the port. Town residents flirt with danger by diving in the post-soviet mire in the hope of finding anything that might be sold. Andrei Schwartz paints a nostalgic though surprisingly subtle and sober image of a place where time stopped at the fall of the Soviet empire. Those who have not managed to escape have three options: remember the good old days with a misty eye, try to sell remnants of those days, or - as is most frequently the case, sink into alcoholic amnesia.

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