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Minor Adjustments (TV series 1995-1996)

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1995 September, 16
30 minutes

Philadelphian Ron Aimes, a child psychologist, has a shrewd wife Rachel plus precocious tykes Trevor and Emma. He shares ditzy receptionist Darby with fastidious dentist Bruce and anxious pediatrician Francine. - IMDb

Fast perfekt Germany
Tutti a casa di Ron Italy
Прилагоди се Serbia

Children's Cast:

Abraham Verduzco [12] Curtis (TV Episode: Trevorgate) (1996)
Blake McIver Ewing [10] Duncan (TV Episode: Coach Ron) (1995)
Drake Bell [9] Jordan (TV Episode: The Ex-Files) (1995)
Marnette Patterson [16] Joanna Emsen (TV Episode: Ask Dr. Ron) (1996)
Zachary Browne [11] Kevin (TV Episode: Make My Day) (1996)
Tahj Mowry [10] Kenny (TV Episode: A Christmas Story) (1996)
Curtis Blanck [7] Evan (TV Episode: Coach Ron) (1995)
Ramsey Krull [11] Dave (TV Episode: Pilot) (1995)

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