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Drifting School

Aka: Veszélyek iskolája (Hungary)
Director: Junichi Mimura
Year: 1995
Country: USA
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Action

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A spy satellite has malfunctioned and is going to crash into the Earth. The US government bring on line a power laser. When the laser strikes the satellite, it causes a rip and time and sends Monroe High school 20 years into the future, including teachers, students and an escaping criminal. The students find themselves in a barren world, where they are set upon by the escaped criminal and a fierce monster. One of the students has a telepathic link with his mother, 2oo years in the past. She is able to help him find much needed medicines. The students try to find a way back to the past. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Drake Bell [9] Kenny Smith

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