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A Chance in Hell

A Chance in Hell (USA)

My Rating: /10
Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

35 minutes
Short / Horror
$ 12 000

Faced with defeat as the Allied forces push through the German front, Hitler commissions his top scientist, Herr Bucher (Chad Meyer) to create a new breed of super soldier. With a seemingly endless supply of concentration camp captives, the doctor victimizes his helpless subjects with never-ending tests that stretch the boundaries of genetic experimentation. When the test unexpectedly works, the doctor and his soldiers are not prepared and the facility is overrun! Shortly after, a group of American soldiers, led by Sergeant Draper (Kyle Silviera) happen upon the facility during a recon mission and are forced to fight for their lives against a horde of animalistic creatures whose only desire is flesh and blood!Meanwhile, a few miles away the rest of the American soldiers have created a temporary base in a small village. As Draper and his crew fight their way back to the rest of their comrades, the creatures overrun the village and the company finds themselves struggling against an unknown enemy that is faster, stronger and crazier than anything they've ever seen. Non-stop action and gore are sure to please any genre fan and the implementation of the war as a backdrop to this period piece sets A Chance in Hell apart from every other Nazi Zombie movie out there! - IMDb

A Chance in Hell USA

Children's Cast:

Marcia Miller Creature