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Yi tian tu long ji (TV series 2002-2003)

Aka: Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (World-wide)
Director: Cheng Lai
Year: 2002
Country: Taiwan
Runtime: 43 minutes
Genre: Drama

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This popular tale of the martial arts world, set in 14th century China, centers around two legendary wuxia weapons - the Dragon Slaying Sabre and the Heavenly Sword - whose wielder, legend claims, is destined to rule the world. After decades of struggle and famine for which many Chinese blame the ruling Mongolian Yuan Dynasty, the martial arts sects have begun to rebel. Internal power struggles and violent attempts to acquire the two weapons mold the life of the story's young protagonist, Zhang Wuji, forcing his parents' tragic double suicide and plunging the youth into a world of treachery, intrigue and danger. Zhang Wuji's remarkable aptitude for martial arts brings him into prominence as he attempts to end the feuds among the various clans. Balancing his fighting skills, Wuji's innate morality, kindness, and loyalty win him unexpected allies and the devotion of several women of outstanding personality, all of whom play important roles in the young hero's tumultuous personal and public life. Wuji's struggles to sort out his love relationships and his efforts to unite the orthodox and unorthodox warrior sects collide in the story's climax, as Wuji and his followers strive to overthrow the Yuan rulers and return the country's governance to the Chinese people. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Ashton Chen [14] Young Zhang Wuji (TV Episode: 1.4) (2002)

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