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The Adventures of Superman (USA: original script title)

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1948 July, 15
244 minutes
Production Company:
$ 350 000


Jor-El (Nelson Leigh), a scientist on the planet Krypton rockets his infant son to Earth just before Krypton explodes. The boy is found on Earth by a farmer, Eben Kent (Ed Cassidy) and his wife, Martha (Virginia Carroll) and they name him Clark Kent (Kirk Alyn). When Clark grows up, his foster father asks him to use his amazing super powers only for good. The mild-mannered Clark gets a job on the Daily Planet as a reporter, and soon, as his alter-ego Superman (Kirk Alyn'), and soon tangles with The Spider Lady (Carol Forman), who considers herself Queen of the Underworld. Meanwhile, a fragment from the planet Krypton reaches earth and falls in her possession. It is the only substance that can render Superman helpless. - IMDb

The Adventures of Superman (original script title) USA
O Poder do Super-Homem Portugal
O yperanthropos (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Stålmannen och spindelligan Sweden
Super-Homem Brazil

Children's Cast:

Mason Alan Dinehart [12] Young Clark Kent

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