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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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1958 August, 23
108 minutes
Drama / Romance
Production Company:
$ 3 000 000


The family of who is "affectionately" known as "Big Daddy" Pollitt convenes at his and Big Momma's vast 28,000 acre East Mississippi plantation for his sixty-fifth birthday, although it may as well be for his funeral on the belief that he is dying. Despite his latest medical report being clean, in reality he truly does have terminal colon cancer, something the doctor only tells Big Daddy's two sons, Gooper Pollitt, a lawyer, and Brick Pollitt, who recently left his job as a sportscaster. Brooding Brick and his wife Maggie Pollitt, who have driven up from New Orleans for the occasion, are going through a long rough patch in their marriage. Brick wanted to split, but Maggie convinced him to stay married on the condition that she not pressure him for sex. In their troubles, Brick has turned to the bottle, a drunken incident which has left Brick currently on crutches. Maggie believes Gooper and his wife Mae Pollitt are trying to orchestrate Brick out of Big Daddy's will, Brick and Maggie's only saving grace being that Big Daddy has greater affinity for them than Gooper and Mae, as Maggie is beautiful and Brick was a star athlete, most specifically in football and track. As Gooper and Mae have a sixth child on the way, Maggie also believes they could combat anything Gooper and Mae would do by having a child of their own. In his current state, Brick has contempt for everyone and everything around him, which includes Big Daddy's money. All Brick and Maggie's problems seem to center on their respective relationships with Brick's high school friend and football partner, Skipper, and events in their lives just prior to Skipper's death. What happens not only with Brick and Maggie but the entire Pollitt family may depend on if Brick can reconcile himself with his life, much of which is currently in Big Daddy's house, including Maggie. - IMDb

Экранизация знаменитой пьесы Теннесси Уильямса. Богатый плантатор, деспот и грубиян умирает от рака. Всемогущий хозяин жизни не может смириться с приближающейся смертью. А все члены его семьи, за исключением спивающегося шалопая-сына, лезут из кожи вон ради наследства. Здесь все врут и страдают от отвращения ко лжи, следят друг за другом и заболевают от сплетен и наушничества. Здесь правда превращает человека в сосуд для алкоголя и наркотиков, а неудовлетворенная чувственность и неутоленная любовь оборачиваются злобой и завистью.

La chatte sur un toit brûlant (French title) Canada
La chatte sur un toit brûlant France
Gata em Telhado de Zinco Quente Portugal
Gata em Teto de Zinco Quente Brazil
La gata sobre el tejado de zinc Spain
El Gato sobre el tejado de zinc caliente Argentina
La gatta sul tetto che scotta Italy
Ghetta ala saghf men safih sakhen (Arabic title) Egypt
Gorbeye Rooye Shirvaniye Dagh (Persian title) Iran
Kat op een heet zinken dak Netherlands
Kat på et varmt bliktag Denmark
Katt på hett blikktak Norway
Katt på hett plåttak Sweden
Katt på hett plåttak (Swedish title) Finland
Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach Germany
Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach West Germany
Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach Austria
Kissa kuumalla katolla Finland
Kissa Kuumalla Katolla (alternative title) Finland
Kızgın damdaki kedi (Turkish title) Turkey
Kočka na rozpálené plechové střeše Czech Republic
Kotka na gorącym blaszanym dachu Poland
Lyssasmeni gata (transliterated title) Greece
Macka na vroci plocevinasti strehi Slovenia
Macska a forró bádogtetőn Hungary
Pisica pe acoperișul fierbinte Romania
Pisica pe un acoperiș fierbinte (alternative title) Romania
Un gato sobre el tejado caliente Mexico
Un gato sobre el tejado caliente Uruguay
Un gato sobre el tejado caliente Colombia
Λυσσασμένη γάτα Greece
Кішка на розпеченому даху Ukraine
Котка върху горещ ламаринен покрив (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Кошка на раскалённой крыше Russia
Кошка на раскаленной крыше (Russian title) Soviet Union
Мачка на усијаном лименом крову Serbia
朱門巧婦 Taiwan
热铁皮屋顶上的猫 (Mandarin title) China
熱いトタン屋根の猫 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Brian Corcoran [7] Boy
Deborah Miller Trixie Pollitt
Kevin Corcoran [9] Child
Patty Ann Gerrity [10] Dixie Pollitt
Robert 'Rusty' Stevens [9] Sonny Pollitt

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