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Winx Club (TV series)

Winx Club (United Kingdom)

My Rating: /10
Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

2004 January, 28
30 minutes
Animation / Action / Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Thriller
$ 10 000 000

In a magical universe, witches, warriors begin fighting in the name of good .vs. evil! A group of five teenaged girls where choosen to defend the universe with their magical powers. They're smart, They're stylish and they are magical fairies, They are the Winx Club! The Winx Club must defend their universe from having it be turned into darkness and terror by the Senior Witches. The magic is in you on the Winx Club. - IMDb

Klub Winx Poland
Moadon Winx Israel
Mófa qiào jiarén China
Những nàng tiên Winx xinh đẹp Vietnam
O Clube das Winx Brazil
Vinks Klub Serbia
Wingseu Peulenjeu (dubbed version) South Korea
Winx Croatia
Winx Club Canada
Winx Club Ecuador
Winx Club Egypt
Winx Club Spain
Winx Club France
Winx Club United Kingdom
Winx Club Greece
Winx Club Indonesia
Winx Club India
Winx Club India
Winx Club Italy
Winx Club Japan
Winx Club Mexico
Winx Club Netherlands
Winx Club Norway
Winx Club United Arab Emirates
Winx Club Philippines
Winx Club Sweden
Winx Club Thailand
Winx Club Turkey
Winx Club USA
Winx Club South Africa
Winx Club Australia
Winx Club Canada
The Winx Club - The Winx Club West Germany
Winx Club 1 (video box title) Finland
Winx Club: Enchantix  
Winx Friends (informal English title) South Korea
Winx-klubi Finland
Винкс Клуб: Энчантикс Russia
Клуб Вінкс Ukraine
Клуб Вінкс: Школа чарівниць Ukraine
Клуб Винкс (short title) Russia
Клуб Винкс: Школа волшебниц Russia
Школа волшебниц Russia
ウィンクス・クラブ Japan
魔法俏佳人 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Maxim Knight [13] Matt (TV Episode: A Magix Christmas) (2012)
Keke Palmer [19] Aisha
Liliana Mumy [9] Roxy (voice) (TV Episode: The Fairy Hunters)
Sam Cohen [8] Buddy (TV Episode: The Island of Dragons) (2007)