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Empty Nest (TV series 1988-1995)

Empty Nest (United Kingdom)

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1988 October, 8
30 minutes
Comedy / Family

"Empty Nest" is set in Miami and tells of the day to day misadventures of a widowed pediatrician, Harry Weston, and his two adult daughters, Barbara and Carol Weston, who have come back to live with him after failed marriages. Much of the humour is derived from Barbara and Carols' ongoing attempts, and failure, to find the perfect partner, and once again leave the "nest". There is also the skirt-chasing next door neighbour, Charlie Dietz and Harry's southern nurse, Laverne Todd, unique for her unbelievable Hickory stories. - IMDb

Il cane di papà Italy
Emoções Fortes Portugal
Empty Nest United Kingdom
Empty Nest United Arab Emirates
Empty Nest Canada
Empty Nest Philippines
Empty Nest Netherlands
Empty Nest USA
Empty Nest Canada
Empty Nest Australia
Empty Nest South Africa
Empty Nest Singapore
Härlige Harry Sweden
Harry's Nest West Germany
Harry's Nest West Germany
La maison en folie France
Nido vacío Peru
Nido vacío Spain
Vihdoinkin yksin Finland
Пустое гнездо Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Ariana Richards [10] Phoebe Swenson (TV Episode: Harry Snubs Laverne) (1989)
Adam LaVorgna [12] Rudy (TV Episode: The All-American Boy - Not!) (1993)
Ami Foster [16] Wanda Sue (TV Episode: 50 Million Men and a Baby) (1991)
Billy O'Sullivan [9] Billy at 5 (TV Episode: A Life in the Day) (1989)
Brady Bluhm [9] Little Boy / Matt (TV Episode: R.N. on the Rebound) (1992)
Christian Cousins [9] Larry Larson (TV Episode: Dirty Harry) (1992)
Garette Ratliff Henson [9] Demetrie (TV Episode: Overdue for a Job) (1989)
Joseph Cousins [10] Little Boy (TV Episode: The Sting) (1993)
Joey Lawrence [17] Wade (TV Episode: Aunt Verne Knows Best) (1993)
Matthew Brooks [15] Alex / Roy (TV Episode: M.D., P.O.V.) (1990)
Paul Robert Langdon [7] Armando (TV Episode: Family Practice) (1995)
Robert Hy Gorman [10] Daniel / Norman (TV Episode: Someone to Watch Over Me) (1990)
Stephen Dorff [16] Billy at 14 (TV Episode: A Life in the Day) (1989)
Sumer Stamper [8] Annette (TV Episode: Barbara the Mom) (1990)
Taylor Fry [12] Little Girl (TV Episode: My Dad, My Doctor) (1993)
Jarrett Lennon [7] Little Boy (TV Episode: The First Time - Again) (1989)
Christopher Castile [10] Barry / Larry (TV Episode: Barbara the Mom) (1990)
Allison Mack [8] Gloria (TV Episode: There's No Accounting) (1990)
Victor DiMattia [8] Rocco (TV Episode: Pilot) (1988)
Nathan Watt [9] Caveboy (TV Episode: It's Not Easy Being Green) (1992)
Adam Wylie [6] Boy (TV Episode: Everything But Love) (1990)
R.J. Williams [11] Timmy (TV Episode: Between a Cop and a Hard Place) (1989)
Brandon Quintin Adams [9] Georgie / Peter (TV Episode: Tinker to Evers to Tucson) (1988)
Grant Gelt [14] Timmy (TV Episode: Let's Give Them Something to Talk About) (1994)
Brandon Bluhm [11] Joey (TV Episode: The Tortoise & the Harry) (1990)
Andrew Keegan [15] T.J. (TV Episode: Under the Gun) (1994)
Omar Gooding [16] Jason (TV Episode: Sayonara) (1992)
Edan Gross [10] Jeffrey Millstein (TV Episode: Still Growing After All These Years) (1988)
Chris Demetral [13] Billy (TV Episode: The R.N. Who Came to Dinner) (1989)
Whit Hertford [11] Timmy / Alec (TV Episode: Here's a Howdy-Do) (1989)
Zachary Benjamin [10] Little Kid (TV Episode: It's Not Easy Being Green) (1992)
Shaun Weiss [11] Little Boy (TV Episode: Tears of a Clown) (1989)
Brittany Alyse Smith [9] Shanna (TV Episode: Absence Makes the Nurse Grow Weirder) (1994)
John Christian Graas [9] Timmy (TV Episode: The Dog Who Knew Too Much) (1991)
Ashley Bank [9] Kid #1 (TV Episode: The Boy Next Door) (1990)
Aeryk Egan Billy at 11 (TV Episode: A Life in the Day) (1989)
Mayim Bialik [14] Laurie Kincaid (TV Episode: The R.N. Who Came to Dinner) (1989)
Cory Danziger [14] Little Eric (TV Episode: The Way We Are) (1991)
Erika Flores [12] Luella (TV Episode: Lonely Are the Brave) (1991)
Raffi Di Blasio [10] Casey (TV Episode: Harry Snubs Laverne) (1989)
Courtney Peldon [12] Libby (TV Episode: Bye-Bye, Baby... Hello: Part 2) (1993)
Candace Hutson [10] Cindy (TV Episode: The Boy Next Door) (1990)
Christopher Pettiet [15] Little Harry (TV Episode: The Way We Are) (1991)
Doren Fein [8] Brittany (TV Episode: It's Not Easy Being Green) (1992)
Justin Burnette [8] Eddie (TV Episode: Just You and My Kid) (1989)
Jaclyn Bernstein [12] Nancy / Amanda (TV Episode: The Tortoise & the Harry) (1990)
Ben Ryan Ganger [11] Jimmy (TV Episode: Whenever I Feel Afraid) (1990)
Lindsay Parker [8] Sally / Girl / Jennifer (TV Episode: Barbara Gets Shot) (1988)
Todd Cameron Brown Terrence (TV Episode: Green Eggs and Harry) (1989)