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Aspiranterna (TV series)

Aka: Aspiranterne (Denmark)
Director: Joachim Bergenstråhle, Harald Hamrell, Alexander Moberg
Year: 1998
Country: Sweden
Genre: Crime / Drama

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Led by the strict and demanding Frank, a group of students train at the Swedish Police Academy to become police officers. After the initial tests remain a diverse class of students: P-O Gren who keep his racist beliefs secret, Larsson the joker, Jesus who has left a criminal background, Ulrika who may or may not be a lesbian, Johan and Eva who become more than friends, Jessica who has a hard time being a single mother and Anna-Karin who wants to become a police to please her father. All of them will gain valuable experiences before graduation. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Hanna Alström [17] Carita (TV Episode: Den sista tiden) (1998)
Jasmine Heikura [12] Amelia, Jessica's daughter (TV Episode: Den sista tiden) (1998)

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