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Canyon Passage

Canyon Passage (Australia)

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1946 July, 15
92 minutes
Production Company:
$ 2 623 925


In 1856, backwoods businessman Logan Stuart escorts Lucy Overmire, his friend's fiancée, back home to remote Jacksonville, Oregon; in the course of the hard journey, Lucy is attracted to Logan, whose heart seems to belong to another. Once arrived in Jacksonville, a welter of subplots involve villains, fair ladies, romantic triangles, gambling fever, murder, a cabin-raising, and vigilantism...culminating with an Indian uprising that threatens all the settlers. No canyon in sight. - IMDb

Amor Selvagem Portugal
Canyon Passage Australia
Canyon Passage Canada
Canyon Passage Canada
Canyon Passage United Kingdom
Canyon Passage USA
De Drog vestpå Denmark
De Drogo västerut Sweden
Feuer am Horizont Austria
Feuer am Horizont West Germany
Feuer am Horizont West Germany
I conquistatori Italy
Liekehtivä erämaa Finland
Paixão Selvagem Brazil
Le passage du canyon France
De Pioniers Netherlands
Prolaz u kanjonu (literal title) Yugoslavia
Stavroforoi tou Vorra (transliterated title) Greece
Tierra generosa Argentina
Tierra generosa Spain
Tierra generosa Mexico
Trecătoarea din canion Romania
Σταυροφόροι του Βορρά Greece
Проход каньона Soviet Union
インディアン渓谷 Japan

Children's Cast:

Janet Ann Gallow [8] Little Girl