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Lullaby for a Lunatic

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2011 April, 2
90 minutes
Production Company:

Liam is laid off work and arrives home early one day to find his wife at home with her dance teacher Paulo. Liam begins to spiral out of control. Confused and quickly loosing a grip on his own sanity he chases Paulo down the corridor, where he is confronted with an image of himself in a hallway mirror. Our suspicions that something unreal is stirring is confirmed as Liam looks in the mirror, but the image does not mimic his own behaviour. It is at this point that we realize Liam has lost his mind. As Liam descends into his subconscious he is greeted by the memory of a few of his childhood imaginary friends: A doctor named Poldy and a romantic interest; a girl-woman with false suicidal tendencies named Chunga. Liam's perception of reality is altered for the duration of the film as he sets off down a path of debauchery, to seek revenge against Paulo. During this degenerate, sometimes nasty, experience Liam becomes increasingly drawn towards his imaginary friend Chunga. Through the development of this relationship he comes to terms with what his wife did and he even has the opportunity to understand her position by being in a similar situation himself with his imaginary relationship to Chunga. He hopes in the end that his wife too, will forgive him for his own inability to control his emotions. - IMDb

Lullaby for a Lunatic Canada

Children's Cast:

Dawson Dunbar [11] Young Liam