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Forsvar (TV series 2003-2004)

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2003 September, 21
44 minutes
Production Company:

Top-notch defense attorney Mikael Frank is the central figure of the young Copenhagen lawfirm which he co-owns. His marriage is breaking up while he spends his time consumed with work alongside his colleagues: Co-owner and former prosecutor CC, caring and naive Malene Bork and fresh-out-of-law-school attorney Rebecca Neumann, soon with the additions of recovering criminal Patrik Larsen and shrewd business lawyer Leo Zielinski. While the staff deal with the problems of their private lives, the firm's cases are also among the most tense and dramatic, and they face stiff opposition from talented prosecutors like Pernille Karmark and heavy scrutiny by strict judges such as attorney-turned-judge Fritze Krogh. - IMDb

Defense (literal English title)  
Forsvar Denmark
Försvarsadvokaterna Sweden

Children's Cast:

Sebastian Jessen [17] Tobias Biel (TV Episode: En lykkelig familie) (2003)
Pelle Bang Sørensen Rasmus (TV Episode: Det største offer) (2004)
Ronnie Lorenzen [11] Mikkel (TV Episode: Det største offer) (2004)
Marie Tourell Søderberg Nicole Hansen (TV Episode: Hemmeligheder) (2004)
Oscar Walsøe Busch [7] Viktor, dreng (TV Episode: Kærlighed og død) (2004)