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Paramount on Parade

Paramount on Parade (United Kingdom)

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1930 April, 22
102 minutes
Production Company:

A musical revue that basically has Paramount stars and contract-players doing things some had never done on screen, and wouldn't again; such as Ruth Chatteron , in a French-café setting singing "My Marine" (written by Richard A. Whiting and Raymond B. Eagan) to a group of U. S. Marines, including Stuart Eriwn, Stanley Smith and Frederic March; Buddy Rogers doing a song-duet with Lillian Roth called "Any Time's the Time to Fall in Love" (written by Elise Jans and Jack King), on a cuckoo-clock set; and Clara Bow singing and dancing in the "True To The Nany Now" number to a group of sailors. - IMDb

Galas de la Paramount Spain
Galas de la Paramount Mexico
Parada Paramountu Poland
Paramaunto On Pareido Japan
Paramount em Gala Portugal
Paramount em Grande Gala Brazil
Paramount on Parade Canada
Paramount on Parade United Kingdom
Paramount on Parade USA
Paramount Parádé Hungary
Paramount revue Italy
Paramount Şeref Geçidi Turkey
Paramount-Parade Austria
Paramount-paraden Sweden
Paramounts Stjerneparade Denmark
パラマウント・オン・パレイド Japan

Children's Cast:

Mitzi Green [9] Mitzi Green - Episode 'Park in Paris'
Jackie Searl [8] Student (The Schoolroom)
Frankie Genardi [8] Minor Role